The goal is to create a nice, dynamically updated webpage with visualizations of the Lifemapper Catalog contents, status, and speed of computation. The page should be a tool for Lifemapper developers or administrators to diagnose problems with the installation or data. The visualization need not be published on a live site, but should query the live KU Lifemapper services.


To get an overall understanding of the Lifemapper Software and the contents of the Catalog, read the Overview page.


All documentation is listed in the Documentation page.

The two primary ways of accessing Lifemapper webservices are the Python client library, an easy wrapper for Lifemapper services. Example code is linked off this page. Doxygen documentation for the Python client library starts here. Dig into the ‘Classes’ for the SDM Client functions and RAD Client functions

If you prefer to call the web services from another language, check out the REST API documentation. These pages allow you to construct and test raw URL queries, however, not all formats and constant enumerations are described on these pages.