Terminology used in Biotaphy and these documents are summarized in Terminology.

Biotaphy Workshop Agenda

2018 July 22, Rochester, MN

  1. Introductions

  2. Biotaphy overview
    • iDigBio, Lifemapper, Open Tree of Life
    • Linking dataspaces
    • Integration
  3. Large-scale biodiversity analyses

  4. Multi-species analyses
  5. Lifemapper BOOM
    • Large experiment submission demo
    • Global PAM / subsetting demo
  6. Questions, Discussion, Hands on help


Data available from download package

  • Package contains:
    • papers: directory containing papers for statistics computed
    • outputs: directory containing three output packages for browsing


For an overall understanding of geospatial data, read:

Species Distribution Modeling (SDM)

The potential distribution of individual species may be predicted using SDM tools:

Macro-ecological Modeling

Distributions of many species may be combined to look at biodiversity at landscape levels:

Metacommunity Phylogenetic Analyses (MCPA)

Additional phylogenetic and biogeographic analyses can be performed with a phylogenetic (evolutionary) tree containing the same species and biogeographic maps of regions for which to compare species communities: