This is the Lifemapper documentation website, it contains information about how to use Lifemapper for single- and multi-species biodiversity analyses.

The Lifemapper software is described in Overview. Lifemapper enables query and analyses of single and multi-species distributions, alone or in conjunction with additional geographic and phylogenetic data. Analyses are described in pages linked below, along with simple tutorials and typical workflows. Lifemapper provides single-species modeling with SDM functions, and multi-species analyses of species communities, at landscape levels over multiple dimensions, including time, geography, and phylogeny.

Definitions and Descriptions

Web Client Tutorials

Typical Workflows

Data preparation

API and Client Library Documentation

Project Background, Overview, Code, Future



This project was supported by research grants US NSF ACI-1234983, DBI-1356732, DBI-1458422, and USGS BIP-G14AC00285


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