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  1. Navigate to and select “Subset the Global PAM” from the left-hand pane. Alternatively, go directly to

  2. This interface can take a few seconds to load given the amount of data that has to be processed. When it loads, it will fill in the select boxes with the available options.

  3. Use the select boxes to narrow down the results to what you are interested in for your subset, for instance, you may be interested in a genus, like Saxifraga.

  4. After every selection, the matching species list is updated with the species that match your criteria and the map on the right will be updated with a heat map indicating the relative number of species present at each location that match your criteria.

  5. You can then select the species you want to use for your subset by performing a multi-select (control or shift + click) on the items in the “Matching species” box. Alternatively, do not select any of them and all of the matching species will be used.

  6. Give your subset a name by filling in the “Archive name” text field and click “Submit PAM” to create your new subset.